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    Dr. Kavita Patel fellow and managing director, the Brookings Institution Center for Health Policy; primary care physician at Johns Hopkins Medicine, Jenny Gold correspondent, Kaiser Health News, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel chair of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania and author of “Reinventing American Healthcare."

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    The Diane Rehm Show talking about "what news american pay attention to?" with Joseph Campbell @wjosephcampbellprofessor, School of Communication, American University author of six books, most recent "1995:The Year the Future Began", Jesse Holcomb @JesseHolcomb senior researcher, Pew Research Center and Thomas Patterson Bradlee professor of Government and the Press at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government author of "Informing the News: The Need for Knowledge-Based Journalism"

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    Talking about Islam, extremist and the role of woman with Linda Sarsour, executive director, The Arab-American Association of New York and Senior Strategist for The Campaign to Take on Hate and Ayaan Hirsi Ali Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government; founder of the AHA Foundation; author of “Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now”

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